Cross-border commuters by profession

In Switzerland, we are there for you at the customs stations in Chavornay, Martigny, Genève-Acacias, Genève-Bardonnex, Balerna, Pratteln, Weil-am-Rhein and St-Louis. So you can leave your customs clearance activities to us, including the small print. Our IT has a hotline to all the customs systems, which is why we can provide you with EU Customs Clearance, Intrastat declarations and fiscal representation. The Authorised Consignee, Authorised Consignor or Open Customs Warehouse (OCW) are just as much a part of our daily routine customs clearance as meat, fish or coffee are. We solve your mystery of tariffs and forms for value added tax and customs with our expert know-how, and provide you with the tariff classification of the goods. And when we speak of "Implant", we mean that our own customs agents go to work at your site.